Art and lifestyle, private guided tour

Saint Paul de Vence, Saint Jeannet, Matisse chapel in Vence, Tourrettes sur Loup, Grasse

Grasse the perfume capital of the world: we take a beautiful road through the French Alps to reach this historic town. Visit the oldest perfume factory with a free guide and/or walk through the charming Roman Old Town.

Gourdon village is rated one of the most beautiful medieval villages in France thanks to its perched location, which has earned it the name « The Eagle’s Nest ». From here you can see the whole of the French Riviera.

Tourette sur Loup and St Paul de Vence:  On the way to Saint  Paul de Vence, visit the « violet capital » Tourrettes sur Loup, a charming old village that is renowned for its purple flowers and artisans. Walk through the narrow streets, where you will find art galleries and shops offering violet-based products. Also, don’t forget to test the local delicacy, violet ice cream.

Saint Paul de Vence art village: this hilltop village is surrounded by ramparts dating from 12th century.  Many great writers, actors, and painters like Picasso, Marc Chagall and Renoir came here to be inspired by the light and the superb environment. Saint Paul de Vence is a must-visit for lovers of art and old cobblestone lanes.

Saint Jeannet wine tasting: Along with Bellet on the outskirts of Nice, St-Jeannet is home to small vineyards whose wines are unique to the French Riviera. You will have an opportunity to taste the local wines and explore the vineyard; it’s also possible to have a picnic on the grounds. 

Matisse Rosary chapel in Vence: Built between 1948 and 1951 and entirely designed by Matisse, from the stained-glass windows to the priests’ vestments. A visit is possible with the chapel’s own guide for a cost of 5 euros.